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Main Features

  • Heavy duty design by specialy
  • Applied to a variety of welding methods
  • Operation control design humanization
  • Provide individual solutions
  • Realize the automatic welding of large workpiece
  • Variety of structural forms can be selected
  • Perfect safety design
  • Mature and perfect product structure


Main Technical Parameters

  • Retracting stroke : 2m - 8m
  • Retracting speed : 120-1200 mm/min
  • Lifting stroke : 2m - 8m
  • Lifting speed : 1400 mm/min
  • Structural style : Fixed / Fixed with column rotating / Movable with column rotating
  • Max load at the end of boom : 300 kg
  • Column revolving angle : ±180 ° (Manual / Electric)
  • Trolley traveling speed : 2500 mm/min


Equipment Composition And Description

  • The machine is mainly composed of column,boom,elevating unit,control cabinet, etc.
  • Column and boom is rectangular-beam,with double track.
  • The guide seat have 8 sets block, the spindle of block is eccentricity. So the clearance of guide and abrasion can be adjusted.
  • The boom vertical transverse is drive by motor,reducer,screw, and have limit switch up and down.
  • Horizontal travel movement of boom is realized with A.C. motor driving gear and rack by means of worm gear reducer,with speed adjusted at will within specified range according to welding requirement.
  • At the end of boom, have two-dimensional welding gun adjustment system, is realized up and down, right and left adjustment. All the action is by manual.