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Main Features

  • Have two-axis rotation and tilting
  • T-shape groove on the positioner table
  • be used in automatic welding and manual welding
  • Operation control design humanization
  • Rotation Speed is stepless adjustable
  • Compact structure and attractive appearance
  • Perfect safety design
  • Mature and perfect product structure


Equipment Composition And Description

  • The equipment is used as welding auxiliary equipment for pressure vessel, metallurgy, electric power, chemical machinery, metal structure and other industrial applications.
  • Two-axis operation guarantees the ideal ergonomic working position.
  • Positioners are advantageous in compact structure, attractive appearance, light weight, easy operation.
  • The rotation speed is controlled by means of inverter.
  • There is T-shape groove on the positioner table for easy monting of fixtures, such as chuck.
  • The base and other welded structures effectively help remove welding stress and avoid deformation in processing.
  • All drives are equipped with AC-motors which require less maintenance.